Love It Or Leave it

If you don’t LOVE your new home,

we’ll sell it for you for Free

So, You’ve just bought your new home, BUT

  • What if the neighborhood is not what you’d expected?
  • What if you get a job transfer just after you’ve bought the house?
  • What if you decide that the home just isn’t the right one for your family?
  • What if you win the Washington Lottery and you decide to buy a mansion instead?


With our Love it Or Leave it promise, this is not a problem – at all!

If you’ve bought a home with The Baker Team you don’t need to worry. If within 3 months you want to sell your home, we will sell your home for FREE.



Seems too good to be true… we hear that all the time… but with our Love it or Leave it promise, YOU ARE PROTECTED.

If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your home in the first 3 months, The Baker Team will sell your home for FREE!

The Baker Team’s unique guarantee sets us apart from other Tri-Cities real estate agents by standing behind our sales and looking out for the best interests of our buyers.

When you think about it, buying a home is a huge decision that makes most people nervous and wondering…

  • Am I spending too much?
  • What if I win the lottery? (Call us first!)
  • What if the neighbors are noisy?
  • What if I lose my job… will I still be able to afford this place?


Sound familiar?

While it is 100% our goal to find you the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price, it is always nice to know that your home comes with a protection warranty. This gives you the reassurance that you’ve bought the right house, and helps put your worries at ease.

So go ahead and buy the house of your dreams… we’ve got you covered. If you’re not happy with your home purchase within 3 months, we will sell it for FREE!



Because we’re confident that our INCREDIBLE buyers agents will guide you to the right house the first time!

Enjoy a worry free home buying experience. Call The Baker Team TODAY. (509) 822-BOLD

Stop Worrying, Start Shopping